In recognition of your vast contributions to Dell and the continuing investigations into its finances, we present you with this slightly charred Incendion

Dell’s found itself a new paddle with which to navigate a certain creek
it’s been traveling up recently. The company, grappling with two federal
investigations into its accounting practices, said Tuesday that it
will replace its chief financial officer come 2007
. CFO James
Schneider, a 10-year company veteran, will
step down at the end of the year to be replaced by Donald Carty
, the
former chairman and chief executive of AMR, the parent company of
American Airlines, and a Dell board member. Dell CEO Kevin Rollins said
Carty’s management experience makes him an "ideal candidate" for the
position. Which is interesting, since
Carty resigned from AMR
after it was revealed that he had secured
pensions and bonuses for himself and his top execs at a time when the
rank and file were being asked to save the company through salary and
benefits cutbacks.

Carty’s appointment and the departure of Schneider come a pivotal time
for Dell, which has had a rough year.  Reports of lousy customer support
(see "
The Cluetrain don’t stop in Round Rock no more
"), delayed earnings
and an unprecedented battery recall have marred its reputation (see
Needless to say, the "blazing speed" ad campaign is
" "
Maybe we could remarket them for military use
," "
Dell Built-To-Order now includes "fire blanket"
"). For Dell, 2006 is a year better forgotten and 2007, a
new beginning. At least, that’s the hope. "In terms of Dell trying to
establish itself as a responsible corporate citizen and also a company
that’s on the mend and doing the right thing, tracking a very senior guy
like Carty and bringing him in as chief financial officer could send
some assurances to Wall Street," said Endpoint Technologies Associates
analyst Roger Kay. "The way Dell portrayed it was that Carty was
stepping up as a CFO, but really the flip side was that Jim Schneider
was stepping down. Somebody had to answer for the fact that Dell’s books
were out of order."


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  • Mike Orton

    Same old,same old etc etc corporate sh*t— Why is it the only people who lose out are workers/small investors/customers???LET’S HAVE AN OPEN SEASON & A BLOODY(AND I MEAN BLOODY!!!)GOOD CULL OF THESE CORPORATE, USELESS, WASTE OFSPACE W*NKERS.

  • lorenzo

    Scum floats to the top.

  • david pinon

    Boy What a novel idea Dell has. Cut back on employee wages and benefits. Well I am hoping I never buy aother Dell product. I wonder how much this “cost-saving” measures cut into Dell’s profits. Maybe instead of 500 million dollar profit they made 504 million dollar profit? Great profit margin. Wonder what they can do with 504 million that they cannot get for 500 million?