Wonder how all the AMD gossip and rumor sites missed this one

Interesting news, this: Merrill Lynch seems to think we may hear another big announcement from AMD tomorrow when the company meets with analysts.
“Investors may not be expecting much from AMD at the upcoming analyst meeting on June 1 given the series of recent disclosures regarding the updated server road map, plans to begin shipping to Dell and more manufacturing investment,” Merrill Lynch analyst Joe Osha wrote in a note to clients. “We think that AMD may have another trick or two up its sleeve, though.” And what might they be? According to Osha, a new chip or two for mobile devices. “We’ve already seen the updated server road map, and we’re fairly sure that AMD has no major tweaks planned for its desktop road map,” he writes. “The interesting potential for change lies with AMD’s mobile product road map. … Our checks indicate that AMD has been working on an optimized mobile architecture (Bulldozer is reportedly the project name), and we think that we could get a first peek at that architecture during the analyst meeting. A real move from AMD in mobile should be treated as significant news by the market.”


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