McAfee discovers options buffer overflow vulnerability in general counsel

Six months or so after losing its president, Gene Hodges, to rival Websense, McAfee is still reshaping its management team, although not exactly in the way it would like. On Tuesday afternoon, the security vendor said it fired its General Counsel Kent Roberts after an internal review of its stock-options granting practices. McAfee offered little in the way of explanation for the move saying only that the review had turned up one episode involving Roberts in 2000 that was improper. Best to keep a tight lid on things when the SEC and Justice Department are poking around. But that 2000 date does bring back memories, doesn’t it (see “Network Associates invites SEC over for dinner“)?


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  • johnk860

    started worrying about McAfee when they became the “free antivirus” for a bunch of cable companies. Everytime that happens, no matter what the “economic gains” are, they’re in a problem.

  • peter rip

    what an incredibly clever headline! i love it.