This would never happen with an iVator

A group of visitors to Apple’s snazzy new store in New York City last week got to enjoy the resplendent scene a bit longer than they anticipated after getting trapped in the showpiece glass elevator for 45 minutes. The shoppers were eventually freed by New York’s finest, and the casualty list was limited to two people with blistered hands from the hot lights in the shaft. This, of course, is what happens when you don’t maintain absolute control over your hardware.


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  • Jordan

    Ha! man, thats bad publicity for your first shop with an “out there” design.

    I love the shop though!

  • G N

    Perhaps Darth ‘Vator turned to the Dark Side?

  • They must have had some residual Symantec antivirus code in the elevator control unit.

    Either that or the elevator company didn’t quite get rid of the last vestiges of, gasp, Linux.

    Someone apparently forgot to think different.

  • Jeff

    The funny thing is I rode that elevator on Thursday afternoon while an elevator repair man (I think it was Otis) was standing outside it watching the doors open and close. Someone who got on with me said something to the effect of “how dumb are we to be getting on to the elevator that the repair man is watching like a hawk.”

  • gm

    More to the point, how dumb are the two people who held thier hands on the lights until they got blisters? Sounds like a law suit plot to me.