“Politics is much more of an art than a science; art is probably too nice a word for it. It’s a right-brain thing. These guys really come out of a left-brain kind of world. A lot of them who are very well-meaning, very effective, smart people, still have a hard time intuitively understanding how Washington, D.C., works.”

Rick White, the former head of the lobbying group TechNet, on Google’s rough start in gaining political traction (one sore point with the current administration — in 2004, 99 percent of Google employee political contributions went to Democrats).


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  • andrew

    99% to Democrats. Maybe that’s because Googlers are smarter?

  • …and the other 1% went to Libertarians.

  • Michael

    I am on the Google side though. Why would you give money to a cause you do not support. Left-brainies will say, because it could be helpful, given the composition of house and congress, you need to oil both wheels. But then again, as a consumer, I am not buying Coke AND Pepsi, or Coke AND Diet Coke, just because I do not want them to stop making the other. As a consumer, I may not want the other party at all and thus I vote – and contribute. Of course in a two party environment this is harder to understand, but if you look at Germany, France and Italy, you would not distribute your political funds to the Commies and Neo-Radicals because they might get one or another seat.

  • Dan

    Well, perhaps Google believes that they operate in Europe, then. Compairing the coalition governments of failed social states to the U.S. is a mistake in the first place. The fact of it is that in the U.S., the business of politics is business, and vainly backing the minority party is a fast track to nowhere. Furthermore, it doesn’t curry you any future favor either: if the Dems return to dominance, their interests will flow to current money only.

    By not hedging employee contributions, the Googleheads aren’t really benefiting the company in anyway.

    This also indicates to me a lack of diversity that probably builds in a few blind spots in the company. I can’t help but think that the decision to censor the internet in China couldn’t have been handled better if the Google guys had a better grip of politics.

    Ideology and business don’t mix. For good reason.

  • jeff

    The Google employees did exactly the correct thing. They gave to people that believe in what they believe.

    Are they supposed to give to people who want to create an Taliban style theocracy, not only based on Christianity but based on a very specific form of Christianity, known as pre-millenial dispensationalism. That’s where they believe that the world has to be destroyed in order for Jesus to return to rule.

  • billygoat

    I’m sooooo tired of Christians….

    Christ was a wildly successful marketer. That’s it. He was reborn and his name is now “Steve”. Get over it already.

    “Besides nuclear war, the greatest threat to humanity is organized religion.”

    – R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Dean

    Anti-religon, AND they think they’re smarter than anyone else.

    Yeah, no problems there….

  • frances

    gooble’s employees Democrats contributors. Well who are the many Republicans? Yes they won and stole some elections, but there numbers just don’t add up. The sad thing, all of these jackasses will ride off in the sun and say __oohps we made a mistake, but our nation will have to rebuild its integrity. THE SO CALL LIBERALS LET IT HAPPEN!