"Hold it. Do not yet start the mobile phone services through which the callers can see each others’ images. Maybe we can wait for another 10 years or so until we have done enough to strengthen the morality of our society."

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who heeded a petition drive led by his wife and banned 3G mobile phone service to curb pornography


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  • Beck

    Not sure what image you’ll see on a mobile video phone… other than the hairy inside of my ear.

  • Glenn

    Now that’s funny! When I was in Phnom Phen (the capital) a couple of years ago, I didn’t see an ATM during my stay. At the airport, when I needed to purchase a ticket to Vietnam, I had to pay cash to get the ticket. They didn’t accept credit cards. There were armed guards with machine guns outside the supermarket. Nobody but the very affluent has a cell phone there, and that’s probably mostly foreigners anyway. I think those guys need jobs and food before worrying about rich content to the phones.

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  • linda marie hilton

    some things should be left to the imagination.