How soon can we get these Google apps added to the Dell De-crapifier?

Bill Gates was right; there is no Microsoft lock-in on the desktop. How could there be after Dell, the world’s biggest PC maker, agreed to sell PCs with pre-installed search software from Google. Under the terms of a roughly three-year pact announced yesterday, Google will pay Dell an unspecified sum to have its browser toolbar and desktop-search software pre-installed on the company’s PCs and their homepages set to a co-branded portal site. "The real reason we do this is for users," Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at a Goldman Sachs conference in Las Vegas. People "turn the Dell machine on, and everything is integrated right there. (This deal) is a turnkey solution for search." It’s a turnkey solution for Google as well, at least when it comes to wresting control of PC users’ default settings away from Microsoft. Dell shipped more than 37 million PCs and servers globally in 2005, according to research group IDC. That means Google could conceivably put its software in front of 100 million new PC owners over the life of the deal, and that’s the sort of footprint that can preserve its search dominance over Microsoft. As Safa Rashtchy, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, notes, control of the default is a precious power. "This is very important for Google, particularly if you look at how Microsoft is going to be pushing its search technology by embedding it in Internet Explorer," Rashtchy told the New York Times. "Most people are going to stay with the default search technology that comes with their machine."


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  • Eric

    Hopefully the Microsoft legal machine can do something about this. Although I don’t think they can really.

    All those poor people, already retarded for buying a dell, will now be stuck with a horrible toolbar cluttering up their browser and a semi-spyware memory-hogging app archiving everything they receive, send, read, write, and view because you know they won’t undo the defaults… thats the whole point of this move.

  • Beck

    And just two weeks ago Google was crying about how unfair it is for IE 7 to default to MSN search.

  • Ed

    “turn the Dell machine on, and everything is integrated right there”

    Funny, I thought this was a quote from Bill Gates.

    So I guess integration is good for consumers eh? But not if Microsoft does it?

    If Google dominates search now, are they a monopoly? And if so, is this desktop “default” thing anti-competitive?

    Tsk tsk.

  • w chesney

    Yeah, right! it’s being done for the customers benefit. More garbage on Dells that has to be removed. Glad I don’t buy them.


    As usual, the otherwise stellar guy who writes this stuff missed what some [try the EU Antitrust Commission and any US antitrust lawyer who’s bein honest]THE POINT.

    Namely, Bill built his monopoly on a very simple [and very old and–up to then- a traditionally very illegal leveraging tactic]–‘if you want to sell PCs, you gonna need a Windows license for every single one you make. And, the good news: you pay whether or not you install that OS.’

    And you thought that only the Mafia could ‘require’ payment for stuff yoy might not need or want?

    MS’ tying continues. You clearly, as usual, don’t know [or care?] that the MS license does not prohibit installation of anything made by a non-MS entity. THAT actually probably have been too much for even the long-ago-bought-well-paid-for US Department od Justice [sic].

    So Dell and GOOOOOOOOO made a deal.

    Gates continues to collect his license fee from Dell, no matter.

    Competitors with OS far better than Windows have been knocked out for 20 years. Apple barely survived and only now shows signs of life.

    But Apple got bailed out thanks largely to the increasingly bad MS OS and the need to spend zillons on stuff which promises to protect Windows from crashing [heh, heh].

    The ONLY reason Windows continues to dominate is the understandable fact that Apps are written for Windows and not for Mac.

    Assuming the US Justice Department continues to allow PC makers to be forced to pay for a Windows license, will Apple will eventually achieve the critical mass required to attract enough PC purchasers to buy a Mac?

    Don’t hold your breath, my teco friends: Google’s deal will not help Apple’s market share to reach parity.

    In fact, Gooooo may have ensured MS’s continued dominance…..

    Heh, heh. heh