Wii to be priced at "arm" rather than "arm and leg"

Its silly name may be good for a giggle or two, but the price point of Nintendo’s Wii gaming console is no laughing matter. At a press conference earlier today, Nintendo senior managing director Yoshihiro Mori said the console’s price will “not exceed ¥25,000” ($222) in Japan and $250 in the U.S.. In contrast, Microsoft demands $300 and $400 for its two Xbox 360s, and Sony plans to charge about $500 and $600 for its two PlayStation 3 consoles. That’s quite a pricing disparity and one that coupled with the console’s compelling controller design may play out well for Nintendo, which has been steadily losing market share in the past few years.


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  • Anthony

    It may play out well for Xbox too. I can buy an Xbox 360 and a Wii for the same price as a Sony PS3. I have been waiting on the PS3 but I am thinking I should reconsider.

  • Natalie Cobb

    sounds good, but for a true comparison i would look at TCO (total cost of ownership). a console is a console but how much will i be paying per game and in what format (quality) will it come in.