“Rental cars these days also have buttons all over the steering wheel, which makes me very happy. This is because like all rational, mature adults, I want to be Speed Racer. All I need is a child and his chimp in the trunk and I’m ready to rock. It’s not precisely totally 100 percent the same, though, because Speed’s buttons transformed the car into a boat and launched a robot homing pigeon, while my buttons engage cruise control. In all honesty, I’m about 400 times more likely to use cruise control as I am to need a robot pigeon, but it would be nice to have both.”

Wired’s Lore Sj√∂berg dreams of the ultimate pimped rental


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  • mousenuts

    Those “grip tires” would be handy to ride up the walls and blast through the Treasure Island tunnel, though.

  • Go, Speed Racer, Go!

    Thanks for bringing that back.