V … nage IPO br … king up

Looks like Vonage is running with the bears, not bulls, this morning. The Internet phone service provider slipped well below its offering price in what may turn out to be the worst opening day for an IPO all year. Priced Tuesday at $17, shares in the company are trading at about $14.85 as I write this, a dip close to 13 percent. Seems the company’s mounting net losses, the regulatory problems of its founder, Jeffrey Citron, its reputation for lousy customer service and the competitive industry it operates in are putting investors off their food (see "As long as your broker doesn’t actually try to use Vonage to place the buy order, I think you’ll be fine.").


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  • Jeff Thompson

    While Wall Street reads all sorts of reports filled with projections and algorithems, determining the future of Vonage by combing through countless financial records, all I can tell you is that I have been a Vonage customer for about 2 years and have no complaints about their service or their customer service. I hope they stay around, I will continue to be their customer.

    No, I am not buy into the IPO, but that is about me and not about Vonage.