Tell me again how Vista's greatest selling point is its security features

Security is an option, not a feature. That seems to be the mindset up in Redmond these days. Though Microsoft has aggressively promoted its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system as a unrivaled secure desktop, the OS reportedly lacks any sort of anti-virus protection. In an interview with Computer Reseller News, Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft’s platform products and services division, said it purposely omitted such safeguards from Vista.

CRN: Is there going to be antivirus in Vista?

Allchin: No, there is not.

CRN: Why?

Allchin: It’s a complicated answer as to why not.

  CRN: Was the decision based on technical concerns?

  Allchin: It wasn’t technical.

So how are Vista users to shield their machines from Internet-borne malignancies? Why, by purchasing AV protection from Windows OneCare, of course (see "Nice, stable little system you got here; shame if anything happened to it")! Something to think about  while eager anticipation builds over Blackworm (AKA Nyxem, MyWife or Tearec)


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  • for years, microsoft has been criticized for making things that should be 3rd party tools a part of it’s operating systems. why is this any different? personally, given MS’s history with such tools, I’d much rather they not put in a lame, ineffective anti-virus solution just so that they can say they have one. OK, there are a lot of users that won’t go get one on their own, but…

  • Jeff Papineau

    I agree; thank god I’m not stuck with MS virus protection; trying to figure out how to turn it off, uninstall it without breaking my OS, so I can install the 3rd party solution that actually works that way I want it to.

  • Red Rat

    I suspect that there is another factor in their decision, and that is a legal one. They are already in trouble as a monopoly and have had some run-ins with the Justice Dept. in the US and now are having issues in Europe. Probably, the real reason may well be legal. I would imagine that McAffee and Norton and the other AV guys would be in court in a NY minute all over Microsoft.

  • Tommy Ward

    Vista? Who cares. Its just another piece of bloatware(tm) from our friends in Redmond. I plan to live without it. The advances that have been made in desktop Linux and OpenOffice over the past few years tell me that by the time WinXP is no longer viable, that MS Windows will be completely optional for home or office use for most of us.

    And I agree with Jeff, using A/V from the same company that created the vulnerable operating system doesn’t strike me as a sensible approach.

  • Joey

    I agree with Tommy that it probably IS a great big package of bloatware, but despite what he says he’ll NEVER see Linux on millions of desktops. Hell, Apple has a better shot at that now that macs have gone intel.

  • As Monty Python said, “Run Away!!!”

    My growing allegiance to Apple simply continues to multiply.

  • Ed

    Well, Red Rat is on target.

    It’s EXACTLY what Allchin says – “it’s not technical”. Someone, somewhere out there decided a few years ago that a fully integrated, full featured, platform (call it OS if you want) is “bad” for consumers.

    So there, no more whining please. And no more whining about “it should be free”. They MUST charge for it, or else some lawyer out there can easily justify the action of giving ONE CARE away for free as “anti-competitive behavior”.

    I’m happy for MS this time – it has a potential for being a cash cow. And guess what – they’re being forced into it. Bravo!