“A billion soon-to-be-online Chinese will forever associate Google with lame and censored search results.”

Andy Kessler says there’s a right way and a wrong way to sell out and Google, like many before it, chose the latter with its new China strategy.


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  • joseph jackson

    While we may have kittens over what Google did in China the Chinese person on the street will not and probably accept and appreciate better search for the things they can access, it is a different place with different expectations.

  • Franke Pillow

    And what is the right way to sell out?

    Franke Alchemyst

    Curious Minds want to Gnois

  • John Brueck

    It’s unfair to accuse Google of selling out. Its better to offer an alternative and let the Chinese people get their foot in Google’s door. Let the Chinese people decide who has the better technology. Some of those who criticize Google for complicity would rather let the Chinese win the economic battle and the speech battle. Eventually the Chinese citizenry will demand more freedom and will look to Google as a primary source. Radio Free Europe eventually opened the door to free speech. Chinese only search engines will take much longer to open the door. Google’s technical superiority will provide better results than the Chinese search engines. Its about more than money.

  • Arthur Blank II

    It is all about greed and 300 billion people give or take a few

  • My favorite:


    Only the US, Korea, Japan and others are guilty of brutality!