A music service? Are you kidding? We just got finished botching a video service.

With all this chatter about a Google digital music service, it was only a matter of time before someone suggested the company was mulling an alliance with Napster. Which is just what The New York “HEADLESS BODY FOUND IN TOPLESS BAR” Post has done today. Citing anonymous sources in the music industry, the publication claims Google is considering an alliance with the ill-starred music service that could lead to an outright acquisition (see “Napster transformation from plucky revolutionary to bloviating capitalist complete“). Now Google could certainly afford to buy Napster. It has $7.6 billion sitting in its coffers and is expected to report fourth-quarter earnings nearly double year-earlier levels after the markets close today. But if Google is truly moving into the digital music business, is Napster really the best route? Anyway, Google says it’s planning nothing of the sort. “No, we have no plans at this time to develop a music store, or to compete with existing online and offline music retailers,” Google told Times Online.


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