Once our lawyers finish up with this Print fiasco, you guys are doomed

Looks like Google has some more rebranding to do abroad. The company has, for the time being, ceded the right to the Gmail trademark in the U.K. to Independent International Investment Research, a British company that claims ownership of the mark (see “You see, our researchers were the first to put the letter “G” in front of the word “mail”“). Seems negotiating with IIIR was just too taxing for the search behemoth. “Trying to work things out has become distracting and annoying,” said a Google spokesperson. “We feel like we are being taken advantage of. We are still working with the courts and trademark office to ensure our ability to use the Gmail name but this could take years to resolve, and in the meantime, we want our users to have an email address and experience they can rely on. We also want to relieve both Google and our users of the distraction of the dispute.” And so beginning today, the Gmail service in the U.K. will be known as Googlemail. Not the most captivating of names, but one like to go undisputed since Google owns the “Google” mark.


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  • Ismail

    How about Fmail?

  • RoseMary K Davis

    I like googlemail better than gmail. I think Google should use it everywhere.

  • Manc_frank

    So who’s going to stop me saying Gmail, Gmail, Gmail, I’m in the UK and nobody can stop me!

    I still have my @gmail.com address.

    Who cares?