Intel to follow Conroe, Merom, and Woodcrest with Benjamin, Clam and Wad

If Intel continues executing the way it has been, Moore’s Law may soon apply to not only to the number of transistors on a chip, but the company’s revenues as well. The semiconductor maker said Tuesday that third-quarter revenues were a record $9.96 billion, 18 percent higher than those it delivered a year earlier. “In the third quarter, we achieved all-time records in company revenue and unit shipments across all of our major product lines,” Intel CEO Paul Otellini said in a statement. Intel tempered its upbeat announcement, however, with a warning: Sales growth is likely to slow during the fourth quarter, when the impact of Hurricane Katrina and wallet-emptying gas prices begin to weigh more heavily on the U.S. economy. “We’ve had pretty good growth during the first half of this year,” analyst Krishna Shankar of JMP Securities explained. “The fourth quarter is a consumer-driven quarter, so we are not sure what Katrina and high gas prices will do to consumer PC demand.” Sadly for Intel, investors paid more mind to the company’s inventory buildup and its cautious fourth quarter guidance than its record revenues. Shares of the company slipped 3.3 percent to $22.95 following the news.


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