HP’s CEO search committee pleased with response to craigslist ad

CEO of the company that pulled off the worst tech merger in history isn’t everyone’s dream job, but you’d think by now Hewlett-Packard might have the name of a willing candidate or two to run by its shareholders. Apparently not. The crowd gathered at HP’s annual shareholder meeting was hoping for an answer to the biggest question facing the technology giant: Who will replace Carly Fiorina? What they got instead was polite, content-free happy talk. As the meeting began, HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn said the company would not answer any questions about its search for a new chief executive. “While I won’t be commenting on the timing, I can say that the search is well under way and that we’re pleased with our progress and we are where we expected to be and want to be at this juncture,” Dunn said. “We are in a sensitive period and at a sensitive junction at HP to select new leadership. It is difficult for the board to communicate everything … but I want to assure you we are seeking (a CEO who will drive) value creation over the long term.”


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